Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What I'm doing this Summer and How You Can Help - Zikomo! (Please and Thank You!)

  Dear Friends and Family,

An exciting opportunity has come up for me to return to Malawi, Africa with a missions team from June 14 to July 3, 2016  

I was first there in 2009, where I met Alinafe (left) and later sponsored her.  In addition to seeing her again, now as a young woman, this year I’m very excited to meet and personally interview every single child in our programs as we update their sponsorship information.  This is right around 800 kids that I have been praying for and giving general support to every month – but it’s about to become very personal . 
 Maybe they will share with me their hopes and dreams, their favorite colors, games they play and prayers they pray.  Then I share the information with the world in hopes of raising support for programs that serve to enrich each of their lives - physically, economically & spiritually.

Malawi is one of the 4 poorest countries in the world.  Circle of Hope International provides care to around 800 children through programs in partnership with Grace Alliance Church near Salima, Malawi. 
  • Education - We are committed to educating children so that they can reach their fullest potential and be instrumental in reviving the economy and raising the standard of living for all Malawians. 
  • Economic Development - One of the major contributions Circle of Hope is making to the community is the opportunity for employment and the growth of our farming industry.  In this hungry season, the number of people fed daily by Circle of Hope has swelled to around 1000 people, much of that food has been produced on our very own farms!  Income from the mill, Hands of Grace Textiles and the farms in addition to our sponsorship donations, we are employing more than 120 people who in turn support the local economy and lift the entire region.
  • Health Care - Good Health is the foundational piece of Africa's restoration. Healthy people can care for their families, learn new ways of caring for the land, take advantage of available education, and develop their communities to step out of poverty.  We are committed to advancing the health of this community through home care for people with AIDS, nutrition, healing prayer, maternal health and infant feeding programs.

Many times people are very concerned about what they will “DO” on a mission trip. We can’t wait to see what Jesus would have us “BECOME” on a mission trip. During this trip we will explore together the faith of Malawians, their incredible strength in the face of poverty, their amazing love for Jesus and for the children He has brought to the Grace Center.  What will we do? We are going to pray with Malawians, we are going to play with and care for children, we are going to minister to the sick and hurting – all at the feet of Jesus. We are available to be used by Jesus, to be His hands, His feet, His voice wherever He may lead us.
We’ll be staying in the village with the children of Timothy’s and Patricia’s Homes.  These children have been rescued from very difficult situations, some were abandoned, some abused.   After years of praying for them, I’m excited for a personal connection with some really awesome kids.

The total cost of this trip is $3500.  Would you be willing to help me raise the money?  The money will be used to cover airfare, in-country expenses such as travel, food and lodging.  A portion of the money goes directly to the project to help the children.  Your gift is tax-deductible and will be receipted by Circle of Hope International.  

You can read more about Circle of Hope on their website:  www.cohcommunity.org.

Send your gift to: 
Circle of Hope International,
PO Box 132, Wilmore KY 40390. 

On a separate piece of paper, please mark your gift clearly:  Sara Dailey.   
Do not put my name on the memo line of your check
You can also give online at www.cohcommunity.org/donate
Please put my name in the dedication box of your donation.

Even more than money, though, I need your prayers.
Please send a message saradailey@me.com to receive email updates on the trip and ways to pray for us.  
  • Please pray for our Malawian partners at the Grace Center.  
  • Pray for our team as we travel and minister in Malawi, June 14 – July 3.  
  • Please pray for me.  As I am not only gathering information, but giving them a voice and hopefully connecting them to a sponsor that will pray and provide for their future!  
  • Pray for all the orphaned children in Malawi.  
  • Pray for the individuals and families we will be sharing the gospel with that they may come to know Jesus as their Savior. 
  •  And finally please pray for my girls,  Annie and Gracie.  I wish they could come too, but I have to leave them behind on this trip.  They will each be spending time with friends.  Annie in Lexington, KY and Gracie in Santa Cruz, Ca.  Pray that they have safe trips and make some very happy memories.

Thank you so much for your love, support, prayers and generosity,

Sara Dailey


Yes, I want to support Sara Dailey on her Circle of Hope mission trip to Malawi, Africa!

I want to pray for the team. My email address is _________________________________

Enclosed please find my check for $___________________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip:____________________________________________________________

All donations are tax-deductible. Please do not write the name of your team member on the check. Mail your check to: Circle of Hope International, PO Box 132, Wilmore KY 40390

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